Cuisine Traditionnelle Japonaise | Paris

Peco Peco


In hipsterism of SoPi, Peco Peco adds the Japanese touch ideal: the kushiage. These breaded skewers typical of the Shin-Sekai district in Osaka play here the bridge between East and West! They are authentic crisp in compositions with tastes like miso aubergine, shiitake, chicken yuzu, prawns or more French-Frenchy with goat-honey or asparagus bacon. Extra-crunchy but delicate in the mouth, they are endlessly eaten, especially if they are dipped in additive sauce Bulldog, signature of the house.On irrigates all this with bowling or natured sake. For the greedy Japanese purity, other small plates are obligatory passages like the fried chicken kaarage, the sandwich katsu sondo (one of the best of Paris) or the inari-sushi, a rice ball wrapped in tofu fried. Everything is savored in a decor in the tone of the neighborhood with stone walls in total contrast with the geometric tiles, and obviously an open kitchen behind which operates the chef Kenji Hoori from Nagoya and former student of the talented William Ledeuil.

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